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We not only provide our customers with up-to-date information but also understand our clients requirements and provide them with the right kind of information and solutions they look forward to, which has not only helped us to stay ahead of our competitors but also a reliable partner.

A representative list of our Domestic and International clients:


  • Maritime Ship Services Corporation (MASSCO)
  • Finan Ship and Port Services Corporation (FINAN)
  • Multi Cargo International
  • National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea
  • Wongobo Shipping & Chartering Plc
  • Eritrean Shipping Lines


  • Sea Lift Inc. New York, USA
  • IMC Maritime Group Inc. Houston, USA
  • Lots Shipping Limited. Kochi, INDIA
  • International Marine & General Services (IMGS) Ontario, CANADA
  • G. Bulk Corp Athens, GREECE
  • CSL Global Limited, Bristol, UK
  • Ivory Trading LLC, Dubai, UAE
  • Cargill International SA, Geneva, SWIZERLAND
  • Approved surveyor by the International Association of P&I Clubs